Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Intervention Specialist Courses (ISP)

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ISP2002 Individual Learning Differences [2].

ISP2093 Inclusive Classroom and Exceptional Teaching [3].

ISP3002 Intervention Assessments [2].

ISP3032 Intervention Specialist Field Experience K-5 [2].

ISP3042 Intervention Specialist Field Experience 6-12 [2].

ISP4001 Methods Laboratory for Early Childhood [1].

ISP4002 Specialized Instruction: Reading/Writing [2].

ISP4012 Specialized Instruction: Mathematics/Science/Social Studies [2].

ISP4022 Behavior Analysis and Management [2].

ISP4051 Professional and Collaborative Practice [1].

ISP4052 Methods Laboratory for Intervention Specialist Grades 7-12 [2].

ISP4096 Student Teaching: Intervention Specialist [6].

ISP6002 Inclusion and Exceptional Teaching: PK-12 [2].

ISP6012 Developmental Characteristics and Individual Learning Differences: PK-12 [2].

ISP6013 Individualized Instructional Strategies in Mathematics [3].

ISP6022 Individualized Instructional Strategies: Content Areas [2].

ISP6023 Individualized Instructional Strategies: Reading and Language [3].

ISP6032 Extended Field Experience for Exceptional Learners [2].

ISP6033 Diagnostic Assessment Strategies for Exceptional Learners [3].

ISP6043 Behavioral Analysis and Classroom Management [3].

ISP6052 Consultation and Collaboration for the Inclusion of Exceptional Learners [2].

ISP6062 Individualized Instructional Strategies Field Experience [2].

ISP6066 Advanced Practicum [6].

ISP6073 Current Issues in Professional Education and Ethical Practice [3].

ISP6091 Special Education Research and Writing II [1].

ISP6092 Special Education Research and Writing I [2].