Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Graduate Education Department

Department Chair, Sharon K. Metcalfe

Director of Teacher Education, Debbie Shepherd-Gregg


Amy M. Biggs, EdD

Jessica R. Grubaugh, MAEd

John D. Hollingsworth, PhD

Sharon K. Metcalfe, MEd

Stephen P. Metcalfe, PhD

J. Mark Nielson, PhD

C. Damon Osborne, PhD

Lynn E. Shoemaker, MEd

Jane G. Skon, PhD

Mickie S. Strausbaugh, MAEd

R. Michael Traugh, PhD

William D. White, M.S.

Graduate Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program provides research-based graduate education, forming partnerships with local schools and districts, and collaborating with these educational systems. The program provides opportunities for candidates to learn about and to work with diverse populations.