Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

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Business Technology Courses (ABT)

Accounting Courses (ACC)

Applied Music Courses (APM)

Middle East Studies Courses (ARA)

Art Courses (ART)

Biblical Literature Courses (BIB)

Biology Courses (BIO)

Biblical Languages Courses (BLA)

Business Special Studies Courses (BSS)

Christian Education Courses (CED)

Chemistry Courses (CHE)

Church History Courses (CHH)

China Studies Courses (CHI)

Criminal Justice Courses (CJU)

Communication Courses (COM)

Creative Writing Courses (CRW)

Computer Science Courses (CSC)

Early Childhood Education Courses (ECE)

Economics Courses (ECO)

Educational Technology Courses (EDT)

Professional Education Courses (EDU)

English Courses (ENG)

Music Ensembles Courses (ENS)

Earth Science Courses (ESS)

Family and Consumer Sciences Courses (FCS)

Finance Courses (FIN)

Graphic Design Courses (GRD)

Health Care Administration Courses (HCA)

History Courses (HIS)

Honors Courses (HON)

Human Resource Management Courses (HRM)

Health Science Course (HSC)

Humanities Courses (HUM)

International Business Courses (IBS)

Intercultural Studies Courses (ICS)

Intervention Specialist Courses (ISP)

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses (ITD)

Journalism Courses (JOU)

Leadership Courses (LED)

Management Courses (MAN)

Marketing Courses (MAR)

Mathematics Courses (MAT)

Middle Childhood Education Courses (MCE)

Ministry Courses (MIN)

Modern Languages Courses (MLA)

Medical Laboratory Science Courses (MLS)

Music Methods and Applications Courses (MMA)

Music Special Studies Courses (MSS)

Music Theory and History Courses (MTH)

Nursing Courses (NUR)

Physical Education Courses (PED)

Professional Educator’s License Courses (PEL)

Personal Growth Courses (PGR)

Philosophy Courses (PHI)

Physics Courses (PHY)

Pastoral Ministry Courses (PMI)

Political Science Courses (POL)

Pre-nursing Courses (PRN)

Preaching and Worship Courses (PRW)

Psychology Courses (PSY)

Religion Special Studies Courses (RSS)

Science Course (SCI)

Sociology Courses (SOC)

Spanish Courses (SPA)

Social Work Courses (SWK)

Theology Courses (THE)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Courses (TSL)