Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Baccalaureate Degrees (BA, BS, BSW)

  1. Complete the appropriate preparatory/intervention course sequence as designated below if conditionally accepted.
  2. Complete 124 semester hours of approved course work numbered 1000 and above.
  3. Complete the baccalaureate degree General Education Core for the chosen major(s).
  4. Complete one semester of foreign language at MVNU or complete two years of one foreign language in high school. American Sign Language does not fulfill the foreign language requirement.
  5. Complete 40 semester hours of courses numbered 3000 or above.
  6. Complete an approved major program and minor (or approved supporting courses.)
  7. Earn a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 in all work taken at MVNU.
  8. Within the major, earn no grade below "C-" (or higher if the department requires a higher minimum grade) in all required courses, and in the minimum number of elective hours required. For most majors, earn a minimum GPA of 2.00. Consult the department section for the major in the Catalog for guidance on any variations.
  9. Complete the General Education and Major Assessments. Students who desire to complete two or more majors are required to complete the assessment in each major.
  10. Pay all expenses in the Student Financial Services Office.


These limitations apply to the minimum 124 hours required for graduation.

  1. A candidate for a bachelor’s degree must enroll in and earn a minimum of 30 semester hours at MVNU.
  2. One half the major must be taken in residence or else written approval secured from the department chairperson and the University Registrar.
  3. No more than 8 semester hours each in physical education activity, music ensembles, or practica, and no more than 12 semester hours total from these areas may be counted.
  4. No more than 30 hours by examination, and no more than 15 hours by independent study may be counted.