Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

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Preparatory Courses*

ENG0083 Preparatory English


For students who score less than 19 on the ACT English sub-test, subject to the following limitations:

  1. Traditional students who score 17 or 18 may test for placement into College Writing or be automatically placed in ENG0083
  2. Traditional students scoring less than 17 will be automatically placed in ENG0083
  3. Traditional students who have not taken the ACT or SAT may test for placement into College Writing or be automatically enrolled in ENG0083

MAT0083 Basic Algebra


(for students who score less than 17 on the ACT Mathematics sub-test)

MAT0093 Algebra


(for students who score less than 19 on the ACT Mathematics sub-test)

ITD1001 Reading Success Strategies


(for students who score less than 19 on the ACT Reading sub-test)

ITD1002 University Success Strategies


(for students whose high school GPA is less than 2.50 or whose Composite ACT score is less than 19)

ITD1011 Critical Thinking


(for students whose high school GPA is less than 2.50 or whose Composite ACT score is less than 19)

*These are only required for certain students as noted.

General Education Core

Note: All courses taken for general education purposes will have the G suffix designation.


Writing Requirement


ENG1083G College Writing


Communication Arts


Select One


COM1013G Interpersonal Communications


COM1023G Public Speaking


COM2003G Small Group Communications


COM2053G Media and Society


aCOM3043G Persuasion


MLA1019G Modern Language Studies (3-4)


SPA1014G Elementary Spanish I


SPA1024G Elementary Spanish II


SPA2004G Intermediate Spanish I


SPA2013G Conversational Spanish





HUM1012G Discipleship of the Christian Mind




HIS1013G The Western Tradition in World Context

THE3003G Christian Beliefs and Convictions**


BIB1014G Narrative of Scripture




Select One


HUM2013G The Arts and Human Identity**


PHI2013G Love, Justice and the Good Life**


SCI3012G Science and the Modern Mind**


**Course to be implemented in the near future.


Natural Science


Select One


BIO1014G Principles of Biology with Laboratory


BIO1054G General Zoology with Laboratory


BIO1074G General Botany with Laboratory


BIO1094G Conservation of Natural Resources with Laboratory


CHE1014G Introduction to Chemistry with Laboratory


CHE1033G General Chemistry I and CHE1031G General Chemistry I with Laboratory


ESS1034G Earth Science with Laboratory


ESS1044G Astronomy with Laboratory


ESS1054G Meteorology with Laboratory


PHY2014G General Physics I with Laboratory


Social Science


Select One


ICS2003G Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

MAN3083G Organizational Behavior


POL1003G American Politics and Government


PSY1013G General Psychology


PSY3083G Organizational Behavior


SOC1013G Introduction to Sociology


SOC3083G Organizational Behavior


EDU2023G The Learner and the Learning Process (Education majors only)


The Arts


Select One


APM1041G Beginning Voice Class


ART1002G Art in the Western World


ART1053G Drawing I


ART2063G Painting I


ART2083G Ceramics I


aART3003G History of Art I


aART3013G History of Art II


COM2031G Acting Practicum


COM3031G Stagecraft Practicum


aCOM3033G Technical Theater


CRW2143G Creative Writing

CRW3082G Practicum in Creative Writing: Literary Magazine


ENS1001G Music Stage Production


ENS1011G Collegians Chorale


ENS1020G Goliards Chamber Ensemble


ENS1021G Treble Singers Women's Choir


ENS1031G Symphonic Wind Ensemble


ENS1070G Jazz Band


ENS1080G Pep Band


ENS1090G Chamber Winds Ensemble


ENS2010G Flute Choir


GRD1033G Graphic Communication


GRD2093G Digital Photography

MTH1002G Music in the Western World




Select One


ENG1063G Introduction to Literature


ENG2043G Literary Landscapes


ENG2073G English Literature I


ENG2083G English Literature II


ENG2103G American Literature I


ENG2113G American Literature II


ENG2123G World Literature I


ENG2133G World Literature II


aSPA3013G Spanish and Spanish-American Literature of Social Protest


Elective Courses


General Electives





64 Hours