Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Withdrawals in Traditional Program

Withdrawal from a Course

When a student chooses to withdraw from a course at the University (not all courses) after the first day of classes during a semester, the process must be initiated by the student by obtaining a Class Schedule Change Form (also known as a drop/add form) from the University Registrar’s Office.

  • A student may withdraw from a course without a grade of W until the close of the tenth class day of the semester.
  • Beginning with the eleventh class day of a semester or fourth day of January term, students will receive a grade of W when withdrawing from a course through the last date to drop a course designated on the University calendar.
  • A grade of WF (withdraw failing) or WP (withdraw passing) is assigned to a course when a student withdraws from a course due to an extenuating circumstance after the designated last date to withdraw, with the approval of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Failing a course is not considered an extenuating circumstance.
  • Students who withdraw from a course after the designated last day to withdraw, without extenuating circumstances, will be assigned the failing grade of "X" in that course for the semester.
  • The permanent grade of X is assigned to courses when a student does not complete a course and the Class Schedule Change Form is not filed.
  • The official withdrawal date from a course is the last date of attendance in that course. The last date of class attendance must be verified by the course instructor before the course can be removed from the student’s schedule.

The Class Schedule Change Form must be completed for any registration change that occurs subsequent to the beginning of a semester. The tuition refund policy for changes in enrollment is in effect. Students may drop or add courses from their registration prior to the beginning of a semester without a Class Schedule Change Form by contacting the University’s Registrar’s Office, but should seek approval of the advisor prior to doing so.