Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Withdrawal from the University

When a student chooses to withdraw from all courses at the University during fall or spring semester, the withdrawal process must be initiated by the student by obtaining a Withdrawal Form from the Director of Student Success.

  • The student must first meet with the Director of Student Success to discuss the implications of withdrawal and obtain his or her signature on the Withdrawal Form.
  • The Withdrawal Form must then be signed by administrative officers in this order: 1. residence life 2. financial aid 3. student accounts. The University Registrar’s Office will notify instructors of the date of withdrawal and verify the last date attended for each class. The withdrawal refund policy applies and courses scheduled in any subsequent semesters or terms are dropped from the student’s registration record.
  • A grade of W is assigned to all courses when the student withdraws from the University prior to the last day to withdraw from a course as designated on the University calendar. A grade of WF or WP is assigned to courses when the student withdraws after the last day to withdraw from a course as designated on the University calendar, based on extenuating circumstances and with approval of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Failing courses is not considered an extenuating circumstance. Students who withdraw from the University without extenuating circumstances after the designated last day to drop courses will be assigned the failing grade of "X" in all course(s) for the semester.
  • The permanent grade of X is assigned to courses when the published withdrawal procedure is not followed and applicable deposits are forfeited.
  • Students who withdraw from the University during a regular semester must apply and be accepted for readmission to the University prior to any subsequent semester they wish to attend.
  • Students who decide during the summer not to return to the University should contact the University Registrar's Office as necessary to remove course schedules for the following year and the Director of Residence Life to release any housing assignment on campus (if applicable). The Director of Student Success should also be notified to make any arrangements needed. If plans change, the Director of Student Success can also initiate reinstatement processes without an application for readmission; students need to reapply only when a regular semester is interrupted or missed due to withdrawal.

The withdrawal policy for students in Graduate and Professional Studies is outlined by degree program in the GPS Student Handbook.

Readmission guidelines can be found in the Admission section of this catalog.