Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Table of Contents

2011-2012 Catalog

Greetings from the President


Traditional Undergraduate Academic Calendar

Final Examination Schedule 2011-2012

The University

Student Life


Financial Information

Academic Regulations and Procedures

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

University Majors

University Minors

Courses of Instruction

Degree Requirements for Traditional Undergraduate Programs

Degree Requirements for Non-Traditional Degree Programs

School of Arts and Humanities

Art and Design Department

Communication Department

English and Modern Languages Department

History and Political Science Department

Music Department

School of Business (Jetter School of Business)

Business Department

Bachelor of Business Administration (accelerated degree-completion programs for working adults)

Graduate Business Department

School of Education and Professional Studies

Education Department

Teacher Education Program

Conceptual Framework


Progress Through the Teacher Education Program

Admission to Foundations of Education and Educational Technology

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Admission to Clinical Practice

Recommendation for Licensure

Appeals Process

Response to Cultural Bias


Education Departmental Programs

Adolescent to Young Adult Education Programs

Multi-age Education Programs

Career-Technical Education Programs

Family and Consumer Sciences Department

Graduate Education Department

Physical Education Department

Social Work Department

School of Natural and Social Sciences

Biology Department

Chemistry and Physical Science Department



Allied Health Professions Programs

Computer Science Department

Mathematics Department

Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department

Criminal Justice



School of Nursing and Health Sciences

School of Theology and Philosophy

Christian Ministry Department

Christian Education

Church Ministries

Intercultural Studies (Missions)

Master of Ministry Program

Religion and Philosophy Department

Course Descriptions

Course Prefixes

Applied Business Technology Courses (ABT)

ACC5003 Accounting Ethics [3].

Accounting Courses (ACC)

Applied Music Courses (APM)

Middle East Studies Courses (ARA)

Art Courses (ART)

Biblical Literature Courses (BIB)

Biology Courses (BIO)

BIO1014G Principles of Biology with Laboratory [4].

BIO1054G General Zoology with Laboratory [4].

BIO1074G General Botany with Laboratory [4].

BIO1094G Conservation of Natural Resources with Laboratory [4].

BIO2001 Medical Terminology [1].

BIO2034 Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Laboratory [4].

BIO2044 Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Laboratory [4].

BIO2064 Invertebrate Zoology with Laboratory [4].

BIO3003 Pathophysiology [3].

BIO3004 Introduction to Microbiology with Laboratory [4].

BIO3009 Research Problems [1-6].

BIO3014 Principles of Ecology with Laboratory [4].

BIO3024 Field Botany with Laboratory [4].

BIO3034 Genetics with Laboratory [4].

BIO3045 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy with Laboratory [5].

BIO3054 Environmental Science with Laboratory [4].

BIO3064 Vertebrate Physiology with Laboratory [4].

BIO3074 Ornithology with Laboratory [4].

BIO3084 Clinical Preceptorship [4].

aBIO3094 Introduction to Tropical Ecology with Laboratory [4].

BIO4001 Technical Writing in Biology [1].

BIO4002 Content Area Teaching Methods in Life Sciences [2].

BIO4003 Environmental Science for Nurses [3].

BIO4011 Principles of Bioethics [1].

aBIO4014 Aquatic Biology with Laboratory [4].

BIO4021 Principles of Genetic Inheritance [1].

BIO4024 Introduction to Entomology with Laboratory [4].

BIO4064 Molecular Biology with Laboratory [4].

BIO4073 Cell Biology [3].

aBIO4074 Developmental Biology with Laboratory [4].

BIO4089 Special Topics in Biology [1-4].

BIO4091 Biology Seminar [1].

BIO5019 Independent Study in Biology [1-4].

BIO5029 Biology Internship [1-6].

BIO5091 Biology Honors Research Project [1-2].

Biblical Languages Courses (BLA)

Business Special Studies Courses (BSS)

Christian Education Courses (CED)

Chemistry Courses (CHE)

Church History Courses (CHH)

China Studies Courses (CHI)

Criminal Justice Courses (CJU)

Communication Courses (COM)

COM1013G Interpersonal Communication [3].

COM1023G Public Speaking [3].

COM1033 Introduction to Video Production [3].

COM1061 Sportscasting Clinic [1].

aCOM2002 Public Relations Practicum [2].

COM2003G Small Group Communication [3].

aCOM2013 Introduction to Public Relations [3].

COM2031 Acting Practicum [1].

aCOM2033 Fundamentals of Acting [3].

COM2051 Interim Radio Practicum [1].

COM2053G Media and Society [3].

COM2063 Introduction to Radio Performance [3].

COM2072 Radio Production [2].

COM2081 Fundraising Practicum [1].

COM2082 Radio Practicum [2].

COM2091 Professional Portfolio in Communication I [1].

COM2092 Underwriting Practicum [2].

COM2102 Video Practicum [1-2].

COM2103 Advanced Video Production and Performance [3].

aCOM3013G Organizational Communication [3].

COM3031 Stagecraft Practicum [1].

aCOM3032 Media Writing [2].

aCOM3033 Technical Theater [3].

aCOM3043G Persuasion [3].

COM3053 Mass Media Theory [3].

aCOM3073 Intercultural Communication [3].

COM3082 Advanced Radio Practicum [2].

COM3083 Media Management [3].

COM3091 Professional Portfolio in Communication II [1].

COM3102 Advanced Video Practicum [1-2].

COM3103 Video Directing and Producing [3].

COM3113 Advanced Public Relations [3].

aCOM4002 Media Law and Ethics [2].

COM4003 Seminar in Communication [3].

COM4023 Theories of Communication and Rhetoric [3].

COM4033 Play Production [3].

COM4091 Professional Portfolio in Communication III [1].

COM5019 Independent Study in Communication [1-4].

COM5029 Communication Internship [1-6].

COM5091 Communication Honors Research Project [1-2].

Creative Writing Courses (CRW)

Computer Science Courses (CSC)

Early Childhood Education Courses (ECE)

ECE2012 Building Family and Community Relationships [2].

ECE2014 Art, Music and Movement [4].

ECE2061 Preschool Field Experience [1].

ECE2063 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education [3].

ECE2072 Children’s Literature for Early Childhood [2].

ECE3002 Social Studies for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE3012 Observation, Assessment and Documentation [2].

ECE3022 Mathematics for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE3032 Science for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE3033 Classroom Management in Early Childhood Education [3].

ECE3041 Developmental Literacy Laboratory [1].

ECE3043 Developmental Literacy [3].

ECE3053 Mathematics: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Early Childhood [3].

ECE3063 Basics of Phonics Instruction [3].

ECE3093 Inclusion and Differentiated Instruction [3].

ECE4001 Early Childhood Endorsement Practicum [1].

ECE4012 Early Childhood Science: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment [2].

ECE4021 Integrated Methods in Early Childhood Education [1].

ECE4022 Early Childhood Social Studies: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment [2].

ECE4033 Content Reading [3].

ECE4082 Early Childhood Methods Laboratory [2].

ECE6001 Early Childhood Endorsement Practicum [1].

ECE6002 Social Studies for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE6022 Mathematics for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE6032 Science for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE6203 Play, Creativity, and Imagination [3].

ECE6213 Social Development of Young Children [3].

ECE6223 Advanced Study of Child Development [3].

ECE6233 Curriculum Integration [3].

ECE6243 Literacy Theory and Practice [3].

ECE6252 Advanced Children’s Literature [2].

ECE6261 Writing with Children [1].

Economics Courses (ECO)

Educational Technology Facilitator Track Courses (EDT)

Professional Education Courses (EDU)

English Courses (ENG)

Music Ensembles Courses (ENS)

Earth Science Courses (ESS)

Family and Consumer Sciences Courses (FCS)

Finance Courses (FIN)

French Courses (FRE)

Graphic Design Courses (GRD)

Health Care Administration Courses (HCA)

History Courses (HIS)

Honors Courses (HON)

Human Resource Management Courses (HRM)

International Business Courses (IBS)

Intercultural Studies Courses (ICS)

Intervention Specialist Courses (ISP)

ISP2002 Individual Learning Differences [2].

ISP2093 Inclusive Classroom and Exceptional Teaching [3].

ISP3002 Intervention Assessments [2].

ISP3032 Intervention Specialist Field Experience K-5 [2].

ISP3042 Intervention Specialist Field Experience 6-12 [2].

ISP4001 Methods Laboratory for Early Childhood [1].

ISP4002 Specialized Instruction: Reading/Writing [2].

ISP4012 Specialized Instruction: Mathematics/Science/Social Studies [2].

ISP4022 Behavior Analysis and Management [2].

ISP4051 Professional and Collaborative Practice [1].

ISP4052 Methods Laboratory for Intervention Specialist Grades 7-12 [2].

ISP4096 Student Teaching: Intervention Specialist [6].

ISP6002 Inclusion and Exceptional Teaching: PK-12 [2].

ISP6012 Developmental Characteristics and Individual Learning Differences: PK-12 [2].

ISP6013 Individualized Instructional Strategies in Mathematics [3].

ISP6021 Individualized Instructional Strategies: Field Experience [1].

ISP6022 Individualized Instructional Strategies: Content Areas [2].

ISP6023 Individualized Instructional Strategies: Reading and Language [3].

ISP6032 Extended Field Experience for Exceptional Learners [2].

ISP6033 Diagnostic Assessment Strategies for Exceptional Learners [3].

ISP6043 Behavioral Analysis and Classroom Management [3].

ISP6051 Consultation and Collaboration Field Experience [1].

ISP6052 Consultation and Collaboration for the Inclusion of Exceptional Learners [2].

ISP6062 Individualized Instructional Strategies Field Experience [2].

ISP6066 Advanced Practicum [6].

ISP6073 Current Issues in Professional Education and Ethical Practice [3].

ISP6091 Special Education Research and Writing II [1].

ISP6092 Special Education Research and Writing I [2].

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses (ITD)

Journalism Courses (JOU)

Leadership Courses (LED)

Management Courses (MAN)

Marketing Courses (MAR)

Mathematics Courses (MAT)

Middle Childhood Education Courses (MCE)

Ministry Courses (MIN)

Modern Languages Courses (MLA)

Medical Laboratory Science Courses (MLS)

Music Methods and Applications Courses (MMA)

Music Special Studies Courses (MSS)

Music Theory and History Courses (MTH)

Nursing Courses (NUR)

NUR2002 Professional Nursing Perspectives I [2].

NUR2012 Professional Nursing Perspectives II [2].

NUR2021 Foundations of Clinical Nursing Practice [1].

NUR2034 Fundamental Nursing Care: Promoting Healthy Aging [4].

NUR2053 Transition: from Practical to Professional Nursing [3].

NUR3016 Comfort Care of Adults [6].

NUR3033 Health Assessment [3].

NUR3053 Principles of Pharmacology [3].

NUR3074 Nursing Care of Pediatric Clients and their Families [4].

NUR3094 Maternity and Women’s Health Nursing [4].

NUR3112 Evidence-based Nursing Care [2].

NUR3113 Concepts in Pathophysiology [3].

NUR3303 Gerontological Nursing [3].

NUR3313 Evidence for Nursing Practice [3].

NUR3323 Comprehensive Health Assessment [3].

NUR3343 Transition to Professional Nursing [3].

NUR4014 Nursing Concepts in Community Health [4].

NUR4034 Mental Health Nursing [4].

NUR4052 Nursing Theory [2].

NUR4072 Entry to Professional Nursing Practice [2].

NUR4098 Clinical Nurse Leadership Class and Seminar [8].

NUR4112 Management Issues in Nursing Practice [2].

NUR4303 Genomic Nursing [3].

NUR4314 Community Health Perspectives [4].

NUR4324 Clinical Nurse Leadership [4].

NUR4333 Health Care Management [3].

NUR4353 Theoretical Perspectives for RNs [3].

NUR5019 Independent Study in Nursing [1-4].

NUR5029 Nursing Internship [1-6].

NUR5091 Nursing Honors Research Project [1-2].

Physical Education Courses (PED)

Professional Educator’s License Courses (PEL)

Personal Growth Courses (PGR)

Philosophy Courses (PHI)

Physics Courses (PHY)

Pastoral Ministry Courses (PMI)

Political Science Courses (POL)

Pre-nursing Courses (PRN)

Preaching and Worship Courses (PRW)

Psychology Courses (PSY)

Religion Special Studies Courses (RSS)

Sociology Courses (SOC)

Spanish Courses (SPA)

Social Work Courses (SWK)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Courses (TSL)

Theology Courses (THE)

Directory of Personnel