Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Student Financial Responsibility

While a student may receive financial assistance from various sources that are unrelated to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the sole responsibility for satisfying amounts owed the University falls with the student. Should a student’s account become delinquent at any time during or after enrollment in the University, the following actions may be taken at the discretion of the University:

  • Enrollment in a current semester is terminated, requiring the student to leave MVNU immediately upon notice by the university.
  • Registration for a future semester is suspended until the account is made current.
  • Interest is assessed on any outstanding balances to the extent legally allowed.
  • A collection agency is engaged and the student charged any fees associated with the use of such an organization, including attorney fees and court costs.
  • The University withholds transcripts or diplomas.
  • The University requires the execution by the student of a promissory note for the amounts owed.

A student may appeal a delinquency classification to the Student Accounts Office, whose judgment is considered final in such matters.