Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Policies Related to Degree Conferral

Although the University awards degrees during semi-annual commencement ceremonies held each May (spring commencement) and December (winter commencement), the University may also confer degrees to students on a monthly basis (last day of every month except for May and December) in order to facilitate the student’s ability to enter the job market with their degree in a timely fashion after completing their requirements. Students who have degrees conferred during months other than May and December are encouraged to participate in the next commencement ceremony following their degree conferral. The student is responsible to contact the University Registrar’s Office by October 1 for inclusion in the winter commencement or by March 1 for inclusion in the spring commencement.

Students desiring to have a degree conferral date other than May or December will need to submit the Intent to Graduate Form to the University Registrar’s Office. Standard approval would be 7-10 days prior to the conferral date, so requests must be submitted in a timely manner.