Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Early Childhood Education Courses (ECE)

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ECE2012 Building Family and Community Relationships [2].

ECE2014 Art, Music and Movement [4].

ECE2061 Preschool Field Experience [1].

ECE2063 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education [3].

ECE2072 Children’s Literature for Early Childhood [2].

ECE3002 Social Studies for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE3012 Observation, Assessment and Documentation [2].

ECE3022 Mathematics for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE3032 Science for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE3033 Classroom Management in Early Childhood Education [3].

ECE3041 Developmental Literacy Laboratory [1].

ECE3043 Developmental Literacy [3].

ECE3053 Mathematics: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Early Childhood [3].

ECE3063 Basics of Phonics Instruction [3].

ECE3093 Inclusion and Differentiated Instruction [3].

ECE4001 Early Childhood Endorsement Practicum [1].

ECE4012 Early Childhood Science: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment [2].

ECE4021 Integrated Methods in Early Childhood Education [1].

ECE4022 Early Childhood Social Studies: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment [2].

ECE4033 Content Reading [3].

ECE4082 Early Childhood Methods Laboratory [2].

ECE6001 Early Childhood Endorsement Practicum [1].

ECE6002 Social Studies for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE6022 Mathematics for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE6032 Science for Upper Elementary Grades [2].

ECE6203 Play, Creativity, and Imagination [3].

ECE6213 Social Development of Young Children [3].

ECE6223 Advanced Study of Child Development [3].

ECE6233 Curriculum Integration [3].

ECE6243 Literacy Theory and Practice [3].

ECE6252 Advanced Children’s Literature [2].

ECE6261 Writing with Children [1].