Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Course Prefixes

ABT: Applied Business Technology

ACC: Accounting

ARA: Middle East Studies

APM: Applied Music

ART: Art

BIB: Biblical Literature

BIO: Biology

BLA: Biblical Languages

BSS: Business Special Studies

CED: Christian Education

CHE: Chemistry

CHH: Church History

CHI: China Studies

CJU: Criminal Justice

COM: Communication

CRW: Creative Writing

CSC: Computer Science

ECE: Early Childhood Education

ECO: Economics

EDT: Educational Technology Facilitator

EDU: Professional Education

ENG: English

ENS: Music Ensemble

ESS: Earth and Space Science

FCS: Family and Consumer Sciences

FIN: Finance

FRE: French

GRD: Graphic Design

HCA: Health Care Administration

HIS: History

HON: Honors

HRM: Human Resource Management

IBS: International Business

ICS: Intercultural Studies

ISP: Intervention Specialist

ITD: Interdisciplinary Studies

JOU: Journalism

LED: Leadership

MAN: Management

MAR: Marketing

MAT: Mathematics

MCE: Middle Childhood Education

MIN: Ministry

MIS: Management Information Systems

MLA: Modern Languages

MLS: Medical Laboratory Science

MMA: Music Methods and Applications

MSS: Music Special Studies

MTH: Music Theory and History

NUR: Nursing

PED: Physical Education

PEL: Professional Educator’s License

PGR: Personal Growth

PHI: Philosophy

PHY: Physics

PMI: Pastoral Ministry

POL: Political Science

PRN: Pre-nursing

PRW: Preaching and Worship

PSY: Psychology

RSS: Religion Special Studies

SOC: Sociology

SPA: Spanish

SWK: Social Work

THE: Theology

TSL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

An "a" at the beginning of a course number indicates that this course is offered on an "as-needed" basis. Often that would be alternate years, but that can vary depending on need.

A course number that has a "G" behind it designates that the course has been approved as fulfilling a general education core requirement at the University. Some majors require specific core courses, so contact the department for details.