Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Confirmation/Financial Arrangements

Students use a password to log in to the web portal to complete the confirmation/financial arrangements process each semester. Online confirmation is listed under the "Things I Need to Do" task list. Notification is sent by email in July and November when an initial itemized bill is available and the confirmation process can begin. Students must then follow the confirmation steps which include:

  • Clearing all holds and paying all fines
  • Updating personal, biographical information
  • Registering a vehicle (if applicable)
  • Completing an Information Release Form
  • Reviewing/submitting a Student Account Invoice
  • Selecting a payment plan
  • Making payment according to the plan selected

Students must have financial aid paperwork fully completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office to receive an estimated award prior to being confirmed. The Student Accounts Office changes a student’s registration status from registered (R) to confirmed (C) once all confirmation steps have been completed and financial arrangements are made. Only those who are confirmed may attend classes.

Deadlines for confirmation and finalization of financial arrangements are:

  • August 10 for fall semester;
  • December 14 for January term; and
  • January 11 for spring semester.

Students who have not completed the Confirmation process by the above deadlines are assessed a $50 late confirmation fee.

Should a student have special circumstances or paperwork still in process and be unable to:

  1. meet the requirements for confirmation or
  2. complete financial arrangements

before the start of a semester or term, permission to move into the residence hall and/or attend classes must be obtained from the Student Accounts Office while the situation is being resolved.

A late enrollment fee of $100 is required to confirm a student’s schedule after the first day of classes:

  • August 30 for fall semester
  • January 4 for January term
  • February 2 for spring semester

Students who have not completed Confirmation by the tenth business day of the semester will be disenrolled from the university.

Students with outstanding balances owed as of the end of the fall semester will not be allowed to confirm for the spring semester. Balances must be paid off by the January 11 deadline in order for the student to confirm for the spring semester.