Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Conceptual Framework




Mount Vernon Nazarene University candidates are compassionate toward the students they serve. They respect the individuality of the students they teach, building an environment of trust. Candidates advocate for social justice and equity to participate in transforming communities consistent with a Christian Worldview.

Competence is the process of developing each teacher as a whole person with the knowledge, skills and dispositions that help them meet the needs of each learner. Candidates are reflective, utilizing interpersonal abilities while responding with flexibility and professional judgment to diverse experiences and needs of all learners. Candidates use technology to support the teaching and learning process.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University candidates are committed to actively search for opportunities so all students experience success in the classroom. Candidates are reflective regarding the role they play in their students' learning. Candidates are committed to professional development, leadership and life-long learning.