Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all class meetings of courses in which they are confirmed. In the event of absence, whatever its cause, the student is responsible for the course work missed.

Students must contact faculty personally about absences before the absences occur, unless providentially hindered. If emergencies occur in evenings or on weekends, students should leave a message on the faculty’s voice mail or e-mail prior to class time for each course.

Decisions about make-up work and grade penalties due to excessive absences are at the instructor’s discretion. Attendance policies are to be included in course syllabi.

The following absences will be given consideration by faculty when an explanation is verified to faculty by the Academic Affairs Office at the student’s request for:

  • assignments with official university organizations and prearranged field trips;
  • emergencies or death in the immediate family;
  • legal responsibilities; or
  • extended illness when an authorized medical official requires confinement to room, home, or hospital.

Acceptable practice is that verification for these types of absences are initiated by the student prior to the absence. Other specific guidelines are noted in GPS program syllabi.