Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Changes in Course Registration

Students in the traditional program wishing to make changes in course registration should initiate the process by consulting with their academic advisor first. During the announced registration periods in fall and spring semesters, advisors can make changes to a student’s course schedule online. Changes can also be made in the University Registrar’s Office up to the first day of classes. After classes begin, a Class Schedule Change Form (also known as a Drop/Add Form) must be completed by the student, securing signatures of approval from each instructor and the academic advisor. The change is complete only when the student returns the approved form to the University Registrar’s Office and it has been executed in the computer database. A student may request admission to a class until the eighth class day of the semester, or the third class day for January or summer terms.

No charge for course changes through the tenth business day of the semester or through the third business day of January or summer term. A $10 processing fee per form is charged after that date, unless the change was necessitated by faculty action.

Students enrolled in a Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) program must contact the registration specialist assigned to their site in order to change a course schedule.