Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Baccalaureate Degree

Preparatory Courses

Note: These are required for some students, dependent upon incoming ACT subscores, (or equivalent SAT subscores) and/or high school GPA.

ENG0083 Preparatory English


(Students who score 19 or better on the ACT English sub-test are not required to complete Preparatory English.)

MAT0083 Basic Algebra


(Students who score 17 or better on the ACT Mathematics sub-test are not required to complete Basic Algebra.)

MAT0093 Algebra


(Students who score 19 or better on the ACT Mathematics sub-test are not required to complete Algebra.)

ITD1001 Reading Success Strategies


(Students who score 19 or better on the ACT reading sub-test do not need to take ITD1001.)

ITD1002G University Success Strategies


(Students whose high school GPA is 2.50 or above do not need to take ITD1002G.)

ITD1011G Critical Thinking


(Students whose high school GPA is 2.50 or above do not need to take ITD1011G.)

General Education Core

Note: All courses below are designated as core. However, some majors require specific courses to meet core requirements. Students should be sure to secure a major checklist from the assigned academic advisor or department in order to know which specific general education courses to take for the chosen major at MVNU. All courses taken for general education purposes must have the G suffix designation.

Required Courses

ENG1043G Freshman Expository Writing


(The composition sequence (ENG1043 and ENG1053) is to begin the first semester of attendance and continue uninterrupted until the sequence is completed. Exception: students who begin with ENG0083 then continue the sequence.)

ENG1053G Research Writing


ITD1101G Introduction to the Christian Liberal Arts Experience (Students who complete ITD1002 and ITD1011 are not required to take ITD1101.)


THE3003G Christian Beliefs


ITD5033G Senior Colloquium


Select from the following Biblical literature options:


BIB1003G Old Testament History and Literature and BIB1013G New Testament History and Literature


BIB1004G History and Faith of Biblical


aBIB2084G History and Geography of Biblical
Lands (travel course)


Select one of the following:


PHI2003G Introduction to Philosophy


PHI2023G Classical and Christian Philosophy


Select one of the following:


ART1002G Art in the Western World


MTH1002G Music in the Western World


Select one of the following:


ENG1063G Introduction to Literature


ENG2043G Literary Landscapes


ENG2073G English Literature I


ENG2083G English Literature II


ENG2103G American Literature I


ENG2113G American Literature II


ENG2123G World Literature I


ENG2133G World Literature II


aSPA3013G Spanish and Spanish American Literature of Protest


Select one of the following:


HIS1003G Western Civilization I: Antiquity to the Reformation


HIS1013G Western Civilization II: Reform to the Present Age


HIS2013G United Stated History to 1865


HIS2023G United States History since 1865


aHIS3013G Colonial America


aHIS3023G Early National America: 1783-1850


aHIS3033G The American Civil War


aHIS3043G United States History since 1945


aHIS3053G History of Modern Britain


aHIS3063G History of Modern Russia


aHIS3103G History and Culture of East Asia


Select one of the following:


ECO1033G Principles of Macroeconomics


PSY1013G General Psychology


SOC1013G Introduction to Sociology


Select one of the following:


COM1013G Interpersonal Communication


COM1023G Public Speaking


COM2003G Small Group Communication


COM2053G Media and Society


aCOM3013G Organizational Communication


aCOM3043G Persuasion


SPA1014G Elementary Spanish I


BLA2004G Beginning New Testament Greek I


aBLA2024G Beginning Biblical Hebrew


(Students who did not successfully complete two years of one foreign language in high school must complete one semester of foreign language. American Sign Language does not fulfill this requirement.)

Select one of the following:


PED1002G Principles of Health and Fitness


PRN1002G Introduction to Health Promotion and Health Maintenance


Select one of the following:


BIO1014G Principles of Biology with Laboratory


BIO1054G General Zoology with Laboratory


BIO1074G General Botany with Laboratory


BIO1094G Conservation of Natural Resources with Laboratory


CHE1014G Introduction to Chemistry with


CHE1024G Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry with Laboratory


CHE1033G/CHE1031G General Chemistry I and Laboratory


ESS1034G Earth Science with Laboratory


ESS1044G Astronomy with Laboratory


ESS1054G Meteorology with Laboratory


PHY2014G General Physics I with Laboratory


Select one of the following:


CSC1013G Introduction to Computing


CSC1024G Computer Science I


MAT1013G Trigonometry


MAT1023G Precalculus Mathematics


MAT1033G Introduction to Mathematical Systems


MAT1034G Calculus I


MAT2063G Introduction to Statistics


A second science


(The second science must be selected from an area not completed above.)

Total Required

43-46 Hours

Total Required plus possible Preparatory

43-58 Hours