Mount Vernon Nazarene University

2011-2012 Catalog

Academic Load and Overload

A normal full-time load in the traditional undergraduate program is 31 credits for the academic year. The normal load for the fall or spring semester is 14 credits. For the January term, the normal load is 3 credits. A student is classified as full-time for academic purposes provided registration indicates 12 credits for fall or spring, and at least 1 hour in January.

A traditional student is not permitted to enroll for more than 16 credit hours during the fall or spring semesters, or more than 4 credits during the January term without the written permission of the appropriate school dean. Forms for overload request may be picked up in the particular school offices or at the University Registrar’s Office. Half semester and summer school loads may not exceed 8 credit hours without the same permission. A tuition overload fee is charged when the load is greater than 16 credits for fall or spring semester or greater than 4 credits in January.