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Alumni Engagement and Support


Registering as a Mentor

Students at MVNU can benefit greatly from the perspective of our alumni, who have charted a path from college to professional life. One way you can impact them is to register as a mentor on MVNU CareerNet, and be listed in our registry of mentors. Students who use the system will be able to connect with you to ask questions, seek career-related information, and grow their network of professional contacts. Mentors control whether students contact them directly, or anonymously through the system. To register as a mentor on MVNU CareerNet, go to and use the "Click here to register" link. From there, you can create a profile, and set the privacy settings as desired.

Professional Programs

Alumni are encouraged to participate periodic programs that involve mock interviews and networking with students. The timing of these events will vary from year to year. Please contact Career Development to learn more.


If your employer has job or internship postings that can be shared with MVNU students, please direct them to our Employer page. This page has instructions for registering and posting positions on MVNU CareerNet, as well as our larger job posting consortium. For more information, contact Career Development. You can also forward job postings directly to Career Development.


The following MVNU career resources are available to all MVNU alumni to assist with their job search. Recent graduates (0-24 months following graduation) are also provided up to three career advising appointments per year. For more information, contact Career Development.

MVNU CareerNet allows alumni to access all job postings and upload their resumes. To register and search job postings on MVNU CareerNet, go to and use the "Click here to register" link. From there, you can create a profile and begin using the system.

Additional internet resources for job seekers:

Resume Writing Guide

To access MVNU's Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide, click here.

Interview Stream

This resource provides students and active job candidates a convenient way to practice interviewing and hone their skills. Go to the Interview Stream information page for details.

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