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Venezuela Spring Break Trip 2008

Allysa Corney, sophomore, My Venezuela Experience // AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Venezuela trip

Over spring break, I traveled with 11 students and two adult leaders to Venezuela. This was no small sacrifice for a college student. Many of us didn’t have sufficient funds to attend and yet still obeyed God’s call to serve Him. We put our trust in God, and He blessed us with the necessary funds.

When we arrived in Caracas, I was filled with fear and doubt. I couldn’t remember much Spanish and was questioning what I just got myself into. But within hours, God filled me with an overwhelming sense of peace. Each morning, we woke up with not the slightest idea of what our agenda would be, but we would trust that this day, we would serve and glorify God.

The language barrier was difficult—especially when we joined the Venezuelans in building a church with instructions in Spanish. Surprisingly, it came together and God was merciful in granting patience to all. God gave us opportunities to build relationships with the neighborhood children. We put on puppet shows, dramas, and learned Spanish songs. By the end of the week, all of the children came to the worksite, not only to play games, but to help build the church. With God’s help, we completed this church!

My favorite aspect of the trip was the church and the church members. These individuals became close friends. Many offered up their homes to us so we could take showers. Others cooked meals. They had very little but gladly gave. Most didn’t speak any English, but we learned that God is universal and that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

God amazed us all and gave us opportunities that we would have never dreamed possible. We went expecting to teach and minister to the people, and instead they ministered to us. This trip changed our lives forever. I praise God for the opportunity to serve along side the Nazarene church, the missionaries, and fellow MVNU students.

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