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China Trip 2008: Cultural Diversity Course

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Emily with mother and daughter at the Leukemia Hospital in Qingdao, China

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This past J-Term, I had the awesome experience of traveling to Qingdao, China for the education course in Cultural Diversity. While there, our group had the opportunity to teach in an international school in Qingdao (Qingdao MTI International School), visit many local sights and attractions, and completely immerse ourselves in the Chinese culture. For me, the experience was one I will never forget, and I learned so much about how to teach and interact with children of a different culture and background. God also taught me valuable life-lessons about the importance of listening to His Call to serve others.

Teaching at QMIS was an amazing experience, and I truly enjoyed getting to know the students in my class. While helping them to learn a second (or sometimes third) language was a challenge, I gained so much from being able to interact with and learn from them. The international teaching experience prepared me for experiences I will have when I teach students from a different culture than my own.

While in China, our group also had the privilege of visiting the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, a Buddhist Temple, the Forbidden City, and the site of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games held in Qingdao. In addition, we had the opportunity to visit a children’s Leukemia Hospital in Qingdao where we visited the children and families who were living there. I will never forget the feeling of seeing the children enjoy the toys, games, and coloring books that we brought.

God taught me so much as He used us to serve others in such a simple way. I was reminded how much He can use me when I choose to open myself up to His Call for my life. This trip opened my eyes to see what God is doing around the world and allowed me to experience the joy of following Him and His command to “serve one another in love” (Galatians 5:13).

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