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Regional Blast MVNU
2014 BLAST is here! We are looking forward to another tremendous year for BLAST through the district events and wrapping up with the big regional event in June. Regional BLAST 2014 is June 12-14, hosted by Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

See the link at the left to download the 2014 BLAST Handbook. There are a number of changes and clarifications each year. Please note these on page #1 of the Handbook. Check back periodically for updates. Always check the date on the lower right corner of the Handbook cover page to see if you have the latest edition.

We are always interested in feedback on BLAST. Tom Duncan is our Regional BLAST coordinator. If you have questions, input, feedback, concerns, or any other type of communication about BLAST, please email Tom at

Check back here periodically for updates on BLAST 2014.
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