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In the Footsteps of Paul: Turkey & Greece, 2015

Travel with MVNU to Turkey-Greece 2015

January 10-27, 2015

Imagine walking down the streets of Ephesus, or visiting Syrian Antioch where the disciples were first called Christians. Or visiting the ancient city of Constantinople, capital to so many empires! Oh and there's Thessaloniki, Philippi, Delphi, Athens, Corinth to just name a few of the highlights of this trip.

No need to imagine. We'll take you there! Pre-register today for what is a trip of a life time. Join MVNU faculty and students as we travel to Turkey and Greece in January 2015 in the footsteps of Paul. Come travel with MVNU!

Turkey-GreeceUndergraduate Courses*:
  • BIB3043 Life and Letters of Paul; (Dr. Jeanne Serrão)- Travel version

  • THE4093 Seminar in Theology: Theology and Geography of the Early Church & Medieval Church (Dr. Eric Vail)

  • HSC3009 Cultural Responsiveness in Healthcare (Prof. Karen Higginbotham) - New travel course in nursing

  • POL3113 International Relations (Dr. Paul Mayle)

  • HIS1013 Western Tradition in World Context (Dr. Paul Mayle) - Travel version

  • ITD5033 Senior Colloquium (Mr. Carlos M. Serrão) - Travel version

  • ICS2042 Global Diversity and Intercultural Understanding (Dr. Jeanne Serrão)

  • BIB2084 History and Geography of the Biblical Lands (meets new General Education "Explorations in Crossing Cultures" requirement) (Instructor, TBA)

Graduate Courses*:
  • BIB6023 Biblical Exegesis: Life and Letters of Paul (Dr. Jeanne Serrão)
  • CHH6013 Introduction to Church History (Dr. Eric Vail)
*Courses developed for this trip are listed above. Availability may be dependent on number of students registered. Credit is available for both undergraduate and graduate levels. Courses are not required for alumni and friends.

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