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Alumni Services

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    Welcome to the Mount Vernon Nazarene University Alumni Services page. These pages are designed to inform, serve, and represent MVNU's alumni. You are a member of the Alumni Association by virtue of attending MVNU for two or more semesters or by accumulating 24 credit hours.


  • Career Development Support
    Various resources are available to MVNU alumni through the Career Development office. To learn more, go to: and scroll to the section that lists career support for alumni.


  • Liberty Mutual Alumni Savings Program Membership benefits include savings on auto and home  insurance! The MVNU Alumni Association has teamed up with Liberty Mutual to offer our members Group Savings Plus.  This unique program allows you to purchase high-quality auto, home and renters insurance at low group rates through the convenience of automatic checking account deductions.  

    For a free, no-obligation quote, in Columbus, Mount Vernon and surrounding areas, please call Megan Brooks at 1-614-855-6193 ext. 53999. Elsewhere, please call 1-800-981-2372.


  • GradMed Short-Term Health Insurance  A comprehensive major medical plan, ideal for new graduates, alumni between jobs and people in transition. Coverage periods of 30-180 days - apply online for next-day coverage. For more information, visit or call (800) 922-1245 weekdays 8am-6pm Eastern Time.      


  • Introducing AlumniMortgageĀ®,our newest  association benefit. Get $300 cash when you take advantage of today's low rates to buy a home or do a refi with Quicken LoansĀ®, the nation's #1 Online Retail Lender. Visit or call 888-330-7376 to get started today.




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