General Studies
General Studies MVNU’s General Studies courses are designed for those adult students that want to complete their college degree but do not have the necessary prior credits to enroll in an undergraduate degree completion program or enough total credits to graduate. Take general studies courses in the same adult-centered approach to complete all your college credits program.

The AGS office has knowledgeable academic advising available to create an individual graduation plan designed just for you. By combining General Studies courses with the undergraduate program, it is possible to accomplish the goal of completing your degree.

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Course List

Course NumberCourse NameCreditsWeeks
BIB1003Old Testament History & Literature36
BIB1013New Testament History & Literature36
COM1013Interpersonal Communication35
COM1023Public Speaking36
CSC3083Technology and Society35
ECO1033Principles of Macroeconomics35
ENG1043Freshman Expository Writing35
ENG1053Research Writing35
ENG2013Introduction to Literature35
ESS1054Meteorology with Lab48
HIS1013Western Civilization II35
ITD1002University Success Strategies25
MAT1033Introduction to Mathematical Systems36
MAT2063Introduction to Statistics36
MTH1002Music in the Western World25
PHI2003Introduction to Philosophy38
PSY1013General Psychology35
SOC1013Introduction to Sociology35
SOC1023Social Problems35
SPA1014Elementary Spanish I45

Course Descriptions

Old Testament History and Literature (3)

A survey of the books of the Old Testament with emphasis given to the significant historical events, personalities, and theological traditions of Israel.

New Testament History and Literature (3)

A survey of the New Testament books, emphasizing the significant historical events, personalities, and theological traditions of the early Christian Church.

Interpersonal Communication (3)

A study of communication theory and its value in interpersonal relationships. Special emphasis is given to the development of the communication process, appropriate techniques and skills.

Public Speaking (3)

A study in the preparation and delivery of informational and persuasive speeches. Extensive use is made of audio and video tape recordings.

Technology and Society (3)

This course examines technology with regard to its social impact on individuals, groups and institutions, and related ethical and legal issues. Topics include issues of importance both to users of technology as well as developers.

Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

An introduction to macroeconomics including basic concepts of supply and demand, price systems, employment theory, inflation, business cycles, monetary, and fiscal policies.

Freshman Expository Writing (3)

A study in the practice and process of expository writing. Special emphasis is given to the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, proofreading, and revising), the essay format, modes of exposition, argument and persuasion.

Research Writing (3)

A course in research techniques, research paper format and research writing. Special emphasis is given to library use, note-taking, summarizing, synthesizing, outlining, citing and documenting, and writing problems unique to drafting and revising longer papers. Prerequisites: ENG1043G and OAD1031.

Introduction to Literature (3)

A study of literary genres through representative readings.

Meteorology (4)

This course studies earth’s atmosphere, physical factors that affect weather, weather systems and patterns, and scientific methods used to collect data, analyze trends, and forecast weather.

Western Civilization II (3)

A study in the rise of the Western tradition from a global perspective. Special emphasis is given to major themes such as the development of the modern worldview, the modern state system and ideologies, and modern systems of labor and exchange.

University Success Strategies (2)

A course designed to increase post- high school success by assisting the student in obtaining life management and study skills necessary to reach educational goals.

Introduction to Mathematical Systems (3)

A study of number systems. Special emphasis is given to logic, axioms and applications from groups and non-euclidean geometry.

Introduction to Statistics (3)

A study of basic descriptive and inferential statistics with emphasis on applications in business, biology, and social sciences.

Music in the Western World (2)

A comprehensive survey of musical trends and developments in the western world and a guide to appreciating these trends.

Introduction to Philosophy (3)

An introduction to the nature of philosophical thinking, its basic problems, positions, and arguments.

General Psychology (3)

An introduction to psychology with emphasis on the biological and social perspectives. Special emphasis is given to the scientific method, psychological terminology, and prominent theories.

Introduction to Sociology (3)

An introduction to the sociological perspective of humans in social relationships, social groups and in society with emphasis on basic concepts, terms, and sociological theory.

Social Problems (3)

A study of selected social problems emphasizing their analysis and evaluation of attempted solutions. This class is only offered online.

Elementary Spanish I (4)

This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and to the culture of those who speak the language. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are developed for communication in Spanish. The culture of Spanish speaking countries is also studied in order to better understand Spanish speakers.

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