Adult and Graduate Studies examines academic qualifications, professional experience, and Christian perspective when evaluating faculty candidates. To ensure candidates meet the necessary qualifications to teach in MVNU programs, supporting documents are evaluated and faculty candidates are interviewed. Minimum qualifications include:
  • Master's or doctoral degree
    Must be from an accredited institution or international equivalent and related to the discipline the candidate is applying to teach.
  • Two years of work, teaching, or educational experience
    Must be related to the discipline the candidate is applying to teach.
  • Ability to teach
    Must be able to teach the practical application of theory and manage the classroom experience. Adjunct faculty do not write or develop curriculum.
  • Agreement with MVNU's Statement of Faith
    Must be in agreement with the MVNU Statement of Faith both intellectually and spiritually.
  • Agreement with MVNU's Lifestyle Guidelines
    Must be in agreement with MVNU's Lifestyle Guidelines based on the premise that we should exemplify such personal, moral, and religious conduct as shall be above reproach
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