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About Nursing at MVNU

The Future of Nursing

Nursing is a dynamic, expanding profession. The nursing program at MVNU is designed to provide the broad knowledge base necessary to create a workforce of professional nurses prepared to give high quality care to a variety of patient populations with diverse healthcare issues. This requires the development of a strong scientific base from which to practice, in addition to nurturing caring, compassionate qualities characteristic of the profession.

Image of Students in Nursing LabThe nursing program at MVNU focuses on health care needs of the elderly and others in our population who are vulnerable. Our vision is to educate nurse leaders in a Christ-like environment to meet the health care needs of the community through the ministry of nursing.

MVNU's Nursing Program

Nursing is taken very seriously at MVNU. It is more than learning the basics of daily patient care. It requires an individual who is committed to the highest standards of scientific excellence in areas that include anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology.

In addition to a strong scientific foundation, MVNU nurses receive instruction in social sciences and the arts. Instruction across multiple fields of study prepares nurses, within a Christian framework, to meet the challenges of today's rapid changing health care environment.

Nursing students at MVNU participate in a wide range of clinical experiences intended to enhance critical thinking, and develop competencies in the provision of patient care. Clinical experiences provide contexts for information learned in the classroom and exposure to a variety of areas for professional nursing practice. Opportunities are also available for participation in work on the mission field.

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