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Computer Science Research

The computer science department is involved in an ongoing wireless networking research and development project. This project has been funded by several companies over the past ten years, and is currently funded by Endome LLC. This project has funded numerous student workers, who assist in the design, coding, experimentation, and testing of new wireless software. Dr. James Skon directs the project.

Wireless Networking Research Project Overview

Outdoor Wireless Networking

The purpose of this project is to develop new wireless protocols and systems for outdoor point to multipoint wireless internet access. In many rural areas, and in third world countries, reliable broadband wiring is not available to provide Internet connectivity. Wireless solutions exist, but in most cases they are either very expensive, or unreliable. Our research focuses on take existing, inexpensive, indoor wireless technology, and modifing it to provide reliable, secure, and high speed wireless access in a 1-10 mile radius from a "base station" tower.

Major features

  • Based on 802.11 a/b/g hardware
  • Maximum Data Rate: 54Mbps
  • Maximum Sustained Throughput: 32Mbps
  • Polling based arbitration
  • Packet Aggragation
  • Comprehensive Bandwidth management
  • Support for security using WEP, WPA, and 802.11x

Student Involvement

L-R: Skon with students Jared Miller and Derek Clark

During summer 2006, four students were funded to work full time to assist in the design, development and testing of a new outdoor wireless prototype. During the summer these four students engaged in various aspects of programming, experimenting, testing, and evaluation of the new prototype.

This work included low level protocol design, creation of a web based configuration tool, and the creation of a wireless device driver for FreeBSD.

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