Up Collegians and Chamber Winds Ministry Tour 2010 Slideshow

1.Tour program cover
2.Bob Tocheff working out details in airport
1.Informal concert at Salzburg Cathedral (Dom)
2.Crowd gathers as Collegians Chorale sings
3.Singing in the round at the Salzburg Dom
5.Salzburg man
6.View of Salzburg fortress
7.View from the Salzburg fortress
8.At the very top of the Salzburg fortress
9.Mozart's birthplace Salzburg
10.Small group in front of the Mozart's birthplace
11.Fresh food market in Salzburg, Austria
12.Salzburg group in front of The Sound of Music gates
13.Skipping through The Sound of Music trellis
14.Salzburg locals at the life-sized chess set
15.Monster pretzels with Lindsay Noll and Laurel Rings
16.Hotel Graml with Lauren, Kayleigh and Nico
17.Group photo at salt mine in Bad Reicheshall
18.Going down slides in salt mine
19.Bob and Diana going down slide
20.The Packards in their jumpsuits
21.Sound of Music Gazebo
22.Hitler's vacation home at Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden
23.Anthony Lee, Tori Geib, Janel Lantz, Bethany Thacker and Leah Ralston at Eagle's Nest
24.Restaurant at Eagle's Next
1.Hotel Gasthaus Kranz May 28-30
2.Small group going for ice cream outside Kranz Hotel
3.View of  nearby fortress
4.Steep climb to the fortress
5.Self tour of fortress
6.Small group at the top of fortress in Staatliche, Germany
7.Students at fortress
8.John and Jenny Packard at fortress
9.Bob Tocheff, Dean Flemming, Bob Mahaffey, Ludwig Dunker outside Busingen pizzeria
10.Medieval city Stein am Rhein
11.Stein am Rhein
12.Thousand-year-old Berg Church (Church of St. Michael)
13.Village of Busingen, home of European Nazarene College
14.Evangelische Kirche, Busingen (Lutheran Church)
15.Concert at the Lutheran Church
16.Concert at the Lutheran Church
17.Concert at the Lutheran Church
18.Klaus Arnold (EuNC Rector) and John Packard at Lutheran Church concert
19.Refreshments after Lutheran Church concert
20.Gottmadingen Church of the Nazarene
21.Gottmadingen morning service
22.Sarah Madtes giving testimony at Gottmadingen service
23.Kayleigh Schofield giving her testimony
24.Gottmadingen, John Packard directing Chamber Winds
25.Interacting with people after Gottmadingen service
26.Gottmadingen service
27.Emily DePew with young man after service
28.Nicolas Felizzola and new friends at the Gottmadingen Sunday service
29.Group photo after Gottmadingen service
30.Diana Tocheff with small group in the boat going to Rhein falls
31.The Mahaffeys and the Tocheffs in the boat going to Rhein falls
32.The Rhein Falls
33.Neuhausen, Switzerland Church of the Nazarene
34.Leah Ralston singing solo at Neuhausen Church service
35.Neuhausen, Hannah Fulton giving testimony
36.Chamber Winds at Neuhausen service
37.Come to the Water from balcony at Neuhasen
1.Group at the Venice hotel
2.Park Villa Fiorita Hotel, Venice
3.Marjorie doing laundry in the tub
4.Venice June 1
5.Venice June 1
6.Touring Venice, St. Mark's
7.Bob at St. Mark's
8.Venice, St. Mark's Bell tower
9.Venice;St. Mark's
10.Group provided music for mass at St. Mark's
11.Venice June 1
12.Venice June 1
13.Enjoying gelato in Venice
14.Lauren and Josh enjoying the view
15.Angela Baldwin in front of a sign DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS
16.Leah and Tim ignoring the sign
17.Angela Baldwin, Lindsey Berg, Lindsay Noll, Laurel Rings in boat taxi
18.Nico, Lauren, Ben, Liz and Marjorie on the boat taxi
19.Venice gondolas
20.Venice Rialto Bridge
21.View from bridge
22.Small group in gondola
23.Venice June 1
24.Venice June 1
25.Venice concert at Scalzi Church
26.Concert at Scalzi Church
27.Lindsey Berg solo at Scalzi Concert
28.Small group in Venice
29.Venice, group dinner June 1
1.Florence Santo Stefano Concert
2.Concert poster for Santo Stefano, Florence
3.Florence, Kendra Gibbs solo at Santo Stefano
4.Florence, Chamber Winds at Santo Stefano concert
5.the Duomo in Florence
6.Florence Duomo
7.Florence, view from top of Duomo (about 500 steps)
8.John and some woodwind players
9.Whole group at Florence restaurant
10.Diana, Kayleigh, Emily Smith and Emily DePew
11.Kenny celebrating his birthday in Florence
12.Angela, Anna, and Kate enjoying gelato
13.Mahaffeys and students enjoying gelato
14.Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence
15.Pisa, Italy
16.Bruce and Peggy Oldham at Pisa
17.Bob and Diana at Pisa
18.Florence tent service
19.Florence tent service
20.Bruce Oldham preaching at tent service
21.Florence Church of the Nazarene
22.Pastor Daniel and Vania Fink outside the Florence Church
23.Florence Sunday morning service
24.Florence Sunday morning service
25.Florence Sunday morning service, John and Chamber Winds
26.Elizabeth Lovejoy giving testimoney
27.Diana writing out testimony before the Sunday morning service in Florence
28.Bob Mahaffey preaching Daniel Fink translating at Florence morning service
29.Kayleigh with Florence Church teens
30.Some of our students with Florence Church teens
31.Mingling with the Florence Church people
1.Lauren Heck at Roman Colosseum
2.Kenny Alexander at Colosseum
3.Lauren, Ben, Nico,Wil at Colosseum
4.Wil Bogantz with Colosseum in glasses
5.Bob insisting on good conducting technique from the gladiator
6.Group picture at Roman Forum
7.St. Peter's Basilica
8.Nico, Cody,Lindsey,Wil at St. Peter's
9.St. Peter's
10.From top of St. Peters
11.Our Farewell dinner, June 7
12.Tour manager Lana and bus driver Giuseppe at Farewell dinner
13.Our Rome hotel

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