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School of Arts and Humanities

How do you express yourself?

          By performing your own musical composition?
          By giving a motivational speech to a group of volunteers?
          By crafting a short story?
          By creating an oil painting?
          By analyzing an important historical document?
          By conversing with another person in your second language?
          By designing an effective advertisement?
          By writing an intriguing feature article from your interview notes?

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Whether you use a red sable brush or a mousepad to paint your canvas, crumbling documents or computer software to complete your research, a piano or an electronic keyboard to perform your recital, we can help.

Underlying the tools for expression are the principles that exercise your faith. The faculty in the School of Arts and Humanities will help you pursue truth, goodness and beauty in all forms of human expression.

You have a pretty good idea.
We can help you get there.

Dr. Yvonne Schultz, Dean of the School of Arts & Humanities

Dr. Yvonne Schultz
Dean, School of Arts and Humanities

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