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The University Registrar's Office publishes registration information for each semester. The University expects students to complete registration within the published time frame. A late registration fee may be assessed for enrollment after the registration period; incomplete registrations are considered late. The fee applies to a student who willingly chooses to delay registration.

Students are not permitted to enroll after the last day of registration without the approval of the Academic Affairs Office. Students are responsible for all courses listed on confirmation forms. Credit may not be earned in a course without proper and timely registration. A final grade of X is assigned in any course that is dropped unofficially, and cannot be changed after the grade is recorded.

Changes in Registration

The student initiates changes in registration in the Registration Office. Any change after confirmation must be submitted on a Class Schedule Change form (also known as a Drop/Add form). The student must secure approval from the appropriate officials. The change is complete when the student submits the approved form to the Registration Office. A class schedule change fee is applicable after the first few days of each term unless necessitated by faculty action.

Auditing Courses

Students may benefit from auditing a class. When a course is audited, no credit is given and the work cannot be counted later for credit. Students enrolled as full-time students are permitted to enroll in one additional course by audit. Auditing is not permitted in private lessons, laboratory, performance, or skill courses. Auditing is subject to the applicable fees and refunds.

Repeated Courses

Courses in which C- or lower grades were received may be repeated. Other courses may not be repeated without approval of the Academic Standards Committee. The most recent grade is used in computing the cumulative grade point average. The original grade remains on the transcript. Credit hours count only once toward graduation. Tuition must be paid for repeated courses. See the Director of the University Registrar's Office for details on appealing a course.

Withdrawal from a Course

1. A student may withdraw from a course without a grade of W until the sixth Friday of the semester.
2 A student may withdraw from a course with a grade of W after the sixth Friday of the semester and until the last date to drop a course (one week after midterm).
3. Grades of WF or WP are assigned to courses when the student withdraws from a course after the last day to withdraw from a course. This requires an extenuating circumstance and approval of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration.
Failing a course is not considered an extenuating circumstance. The Class Schedule Change form must be completed for any registration change. The tuition refund policy is in effect.

Withdrawal from University

Withdrawal from the University is begun with the Student Success Coordinator. The Withdrawal Form must be signed by designated administrative officers and filed in the University Registrar's Office. The withdrawal refund policy applies. Grades of W are assigned to all courses when the student withdraws from the University prior to the last day to withdraw from a course. Grades of WF or WP are assigned to courses when the student withdraws after the last day to withdraw from a course as designated on the University calendar. The permanent grade of X is assigned to courses when the published withdrawal procedure is not followed and applicable deposits are forfeited.

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