Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing
MVNU History

Founded in 1968, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, in Mount Vernon, Ohio is a co-educational liberal arts universityStudents talking in front of Lakeholm building with a solid evangelical Christian foundation and mission. Although there's a preponderance of Nazarenes in the student body at MVNU, over 40 other Christian denominations are represented on the campus.

MVNU welcomes everyone to apply to join our dynamic community, and helps provide financial assistance to many students. MVNU challenges students to live up to their highest personal potential by offering a wide variety of academic programs and many opportunities for service in a student's university life.

R.R. Hodges Chapel and Auditorium during the fall season MVNU encourages students to involve themselves in the local and international community by providing numerous opportunities for service and travel. With this distinctive global vision, the MVNU motto, "To Seek to Learn Is to Seek to Serve," continues to be fulfilled.

To learn more about MVNU's accreditation, contact the Provost.

"For This We Stand..."
The values we share at MVNU stand on a firm foundation of faith. This is outlined for us in a document called "For This We Stand..." If you are a parent or a student seriously interested in Mount Vernon Nazarene University, we encourage you to read them. Click here for the text.
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