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Since SIFE has made an appearance on the MVNU campus in the 1980's, we have been a part of life-changing projects that have affected the lives of not only Knox County individuals, but also those of others in developing countries around the world. This page will give you a taste of each project we are engaging in for the 2012-2013 school year.

Belize Clean Water Coalition

Lilly Bolar

The Belize Clean Water Coalition focuses on purifying the unclean drinking water in the country of Belize in 3 villages: Crique Jute, Pueblo Viejo, and San Vicente. MVNU Enactus members are working to educate children and adults about the importance of clean drinking water by introducing the Berkey Water Filtration system that purifies a sustainable amount of water at one time. We are eager and excited to see the coming results as more citizens are empowered to drink healthy, clean drinking water.


Jessica Knight/Lyndsie Rogers

The concept of this project is an after school program for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders at Columbia Elementary every Thursday afternoon. This mentorship program spends time with select student's who need one on one help with math and English in school. This year our team is developing a banking game in order to teach the kids the fundamentals of saving, spending, and bank accounts. Our goal as a SIFE team is to teach the kids that they have to work for their money in order to buy the things they want. They are also taught the importance of saving since many items were priced high, it took a few weeks to save up to purchase them. The kids were even introduced to interest when we awarded $1 interest to anyone who had $5 or more saved in their bank account during Christmas vacation. Future plans for Read.Plan.Love. is to continue to reach out to the families of the children participating in our afterschool program. We are hoping to involve the parents more in the upcoming 2012-2013 school year by hosting more Family Fun Nights.

Bead O' Nomics

John Raber

Bead O' Nomics is a fun and interactive way for late elementary and early middle school age students to learn economics. This program consists of teaching the students the basics of three types of businesses through a mock business game. The game consists of making bracelets as a member of each of the three types of business; sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. A color order is specified and enforced for the bracelets to meet a standard of quality for the product. Bead O' Nomics allows students to engage in economic studies and to have fun while doing it!

Ca$h Money

Bobby Hamill

The concept of Cas$h Money is going into high school classes during the semester and presenting a PowerPoint dealing with some personal financial issues juniors and seniors in high school may be facing in the near future. These topics included the importance of saving, the debt trap, different types of investment, and more information about credit cards.


Bradi Baumann

Addo, which is Latin for "inspire", is a way project that targets another demographic in Belize. The goal of Addo is to one day open up a day care for single mothers in Belize to empower them to gain independence and self-sufficiency as they raise their children.