Mount Vernon Nazarene University

AHU U Shape Commitment


You have the opportunity to participate in a new lifestyle opportunity here on campus-A Healthier U! Sponsored by MVNU Enactus, A Healthier U is offering FREE services right here at MVNU. These services include Zumba classes, Boot Camp led by Jeremy Warner, and one-on-one fitness evaluation and education with a personal trainer. All completely FREE!

AHU might not be for everyone. It commands your determination and commitment to investing in a healthier lifestyle. If you are disciplined, you will be rewarded with A Healthier U.

Why AHU?
AHU is designed to teach individuals that fast relief doesn’t necessarily come after visiting a walk-in clinic or acquiring prescribed medication—but CAN be developed through our free professional services. In the long run, these preventative measures will cut your health care costs and the time spent . In addition, you can learn tons of helpful tips from talking with a nutritionist and learning the proper skills and techniques to get a good, healthy work out.

No accountability
This is a personal commitment, no fee, no obligations, no obstacles. What you invest in your commitment determines your potential outcome.

By checking the box below, U are making a commitment to participate in at least two on-campus programs every week. U are permitted to attend as many of these programs as often as U please. By checking the box, you are committing to attend at least two different programs each week (i.e. attending Zumba on Tuesday and visiting the chiropractor on Wednesday).

Whether U are driven by determination or the support system of your friends, we want U to participate!

I commit to a healthier me

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