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Seeing possibilities.
Taking action.
Enabling progress.


Since SIFE has made an appearance on MVNU campus in the 1980's, we have been a part of life-changing projects that have affected the lives of not only Knox County individuals, but others in developing countries around the world. This document will show you an in-depth coverage of each project we are engaging in for the 2012-2013 school year.

As president this year, I firmly believe that our organization has the capability to impact lives through initiating positive change and building individual character. This organization is not solely for business majors and as we grow and adapt throughout the years, I plan to involve more of a diverse mixture of every major on campus. Even though SIFE has recently undergone a new name; ENACTUS, which stands for Entrepreneurship In Action, our ultimate drive is still the same; A Head for Business, A Heart for the World.

Erin DeLong
President 2012-2013

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